India cannot afford to drop the Kudankulam nuclear power project (“Kudankulam will go forward, says Manmohan,” Page 1, Oct. 8). Experts have declared that, if managed with proper care, nuclear power is safe and the need of the hour for countries like India. As industries grow, infrastructure and power generation should be increased substantially to meet the demands of various sectors. The 9,200-MW project must commence generating power as soon as possible to address needs across the country.

Vasu D.,


The aggrieved people at Kudankulam, sunk in anxieties regarding the means of livelihood, shelter, health, etc., need to be taken into confidence and their situation monitored in detail. Officials should accomplish this arduous task with the most sincere concern for their fellow beings. But since that is not our ‘style of functioning,' the people of Kudankulam are likely to suffer.

Vasanthakumar Sambasivan,


It is politics that often thwarts development projects. It is not difficult to dispel the genuine fears of people over the safety of the nuclear power plant. But politically-influenced concerns are hard to eradicate. It is imperative that people understand, appreciate and welcome what is good for them and discard anything that is bad.

S. Ramakrishnasayee,



Kudankulam will go forward, says ManmohanOctober 7, 2011

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