The news of the National Security Agency’s surveillance programme is hardly shocking. Technological progress over the years has rendered the common man insecure, wherever he is.

It has been proved once again that technology can be good or bad depending on the person who uses it. India’s response — that it is not surveillance — shows how dependent we are on the U.S., especially on the IT front.

Vasumathi P.B. Varadhachari,


India often boasts of a tough law to deal with data piracy, etc. But the reality is different. There is a high degree of vulnerability of data and voice.

In fact, I am scared to talk to my son living abroad or even greet him on Facebook.

P.S.S. Murthy,


It is unfortunate that the government is “convinced” that the NSA programme is “not actually snooping.” Indians ought to know why the NSA was spying on India. The government should demand an explanation on the blatant betrayal of trust.

Poovanna Kuttetira,


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