Even though the U.S. President and its top officials are on the defensive asserting that the whole surveillance process carried out by the NSA was aimed at combating terror, by no stretch of the imagination can India be linked to any terror threat against the U.S. nor can India be a source of peril to the U.S. It was unnecessary on the part of the U.S. to have chosen to plant bugs at the Permanent Mission of India at the U.N. and the Indian Embassy in Washington, DC.

It is strange that the U.S. which delivers sermons to the rest of the world about democratic values should adopt underhand methods to gain the upper hand.

R. Sampath,


One wonders why The Hindu isgiving so much prominence to the NSA leaks when the whole world knows that Big Brother is watching. After WikiLeaks, such things have ceased to shock.

A. Balagangadharan,


The Indian government should adopt a strong stand against the security breach. It is a matter of grave concern and is an issue that affects the very sovereignty of the Indian state. That even the Indian missions were bugged shows the extent to which the U.S. can stoop. The forthcoming meet between Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and President Barack Obama is the most opportune moment to raise the matter. We have a lot to learn from the Brazilian President.

Aditya Vishal,


American is one utterly selfish country. That it has been spying on the world and the extent of this is no surprise at all. What I am miffed about is the response shown by our politicians and leaders. Dr. Singh should have cancelled his U.S. visit. Indian pride has taken a fall because of inaction.

T. Anand Raj,


Tackling terror should be done with genuine international cooperation; not by trespassing on the sovereignty of others.

Nitheen Sivadas,


India must be sharp enough to corner the U.S. on explaining away the ‘leaks’ in language that borders on verbal jugglery. The NSA spying is no issue at all as it is well known that nations have been spying on one another ever since the advent of nation states. Instead, India should be prepared to arm itself against more intrusion as it rises on the global stage.

I.S. Kanthimathinathan,


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