This refers to the article, “An NSA for hard times” (June 23). Prime Minister Narendra Modi should be a hawk as far as our foreign policy toward Pakistan is concerned as pursuing peace with our neighbour does not seem to work. Appointing Ajit Doval for his insightful thinking and plans is a good stand. But all this will work only if our intelligence set-up is strengthened.

Mayank Tripathi,

New Delhi

An NSA, RAW, the CBI and the IB, which are all concerned with Indian intelligence, are still not professional enough like MI6, Mossad, the KGB or the CIA. Our intelligence agencies failed to get any inputs or warnings regarding Kargil, the attack on Parliament House and the attacks in Mumbai. Even internally, Maoists and the Indian Mujahiddeen often get away unchallenged. Even when the system works, our political leaders hardly act.

V.V. Nair,


India faces a number of external and internal security problems. Therefore, we need a strong military force along with a strong State police force so that every person in the country feels secure; security is dependent on the strength and capabilities of the military and the State police forces. As far as Mr. Doval is concerned, he is a person with vision and clear about what he wants.

Saurabh Srivastava,

New Delhi

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