One notes with dismay the report, “Lightweight revolver ‘Nirbheek’ launched” (March 26) — on the .32 bore revolver that can be carried by women in their purses or handbags. India is rapidly aping the West in almost every aspect of its culture. Now, do we need guns and revolvers? What if they get into the wrong hands?

V. Karunakaran,

Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu

Weapons have no moral judgment or intelligence of their own, and nothing prevents such a revolver from getting into the hands of men who may then turn the tables on women at gunpoint. The ideal strategy would be to train all women to defend themselves without having to brandish a revolver. The law needs to be strengthened with quick convictions and lengthy prison terms when it comes to fighting crimes against women.

M.V. Nadkarni,


I would like to appreciate the thought of an ordnance factory enabling women to protect themselves. But, at the same time, I am amused. How can a lethal weapon be safe in the hands of an untrained person? How can its misuse be checked? How will it be ensured that children at home do not handle the weapon? What if the revolver goes off unexpectedly while in the purse and others in the vicinity suffer bullet wounds? What if a purse with the revolver in it is snatched? There are more questions than there are answers. Ensuring a safe and secure India for our women does not mean manufacturing revolvers for them.

G.N. Sharma,

Pulivendula, Andhra Pradesh

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