The Hindu’s editorial view (Feb.10) on the execution of Afzal Guru accords well with its position on the abolition of the death sentence. Guru, with his excellent education, intellectual attributes and high levels of motivation, knew what he was up to. He was provided with every opportunity to defend himself before the law. We have the Home Minister’s statement that due process has been followed before and after the execution. His life has been zealously guarded till the end. How then can his execution be termed vengeance?

P. Krishnan,


I am baffled by the criticism against the hanging (Feb.11). It is surprising to find that a man who was a willing accomplice in the attack on Parliament is receiving sympathy from the intelligentsia and the media. At the highest court of the land, our law enforcers have established his role and upheld the ruling of the trial court. The country’s criminal justice system gave him ample time to prove his innocence. A 11-year wait for the delivery of justice is too long. Yet he was given time by our system. That he could not prove his innocence is evidence of his complicity in the attack.

J. Anantha Padmanabhan,


Those who are upset that his family was not “informed” in advance fail to understand the consequence of such niceties in the Kashmir Valley. We can even hazard a guess that it may lead to a situation like the summer of 2010 when there were endless protests and violence. Certainly, the government can hardly afford to have a situation of that sort and allow any factor to upset the fragile peace in the valley. Yes, the government could have informed the family members in a better way, but considering the fallout of such a decision, what the government has done is right.



This refers to the article “Prove it was not a selective execution, says Omar” (Feb.11). Did the brave security personnel who died defending Parliament as a consequence of a terrorist attack get to spend time with their families before they were killed? India should develop a no-tolerance level for terrorism. Afzal Guru was dealt in an adequate manner by the law of the nation.

Ankur Gupta,

New Delhi


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