Mr. Hazare will continue to get support from all law-abiding citizens. At the same time, we should bear in mind that by just passing a law, we cannot root out corruption.

Politicians will surely try to make use of all possible loopholes in the law to escape its provisions. The war against corruption should be continuous.

K. Vydianathan,



The veteran social activist has scored a spectacular victory for all of us. His courage of conviction has not been witnessed in India since the days of Jayaprakash Narayan. We all owe it to Anna, the people and, most of all, ourselves to keep the momentum going.

Ashoka Prasad,



The initial victory achieved by the stupendous campaign headed by Mr. Hazare is commendable. But this is just the beginning. The biggest challenge in any crusade is maintaining its momentum. It is the duty of every citizen to lend full support to this movement throughout its journey so that the Lokpal Bill sees the light of day.

Rahul Jain,

New Delhi


The constitution of a drafting committee that includes members of civil society is the first step towards participative democracy. Let us all keep up the momentum till the Lokpal Bill is passed and implemented in letter and spirit.

Swetha Nandyala,



The victory is only the first step towards eradication of corruption. The Quit India momentum started by Gandhiji in 1942 paved the way for Independence in 1947. Let us hope that in another five years, we will eradicate corruption. The public should keep the momentum generated by Anna Hazare alive.

Varanasi Gopalakrishna,


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