As rightly pointed out by N. Ram (“The not-quite ‘semi-final’ and what it portends,” Dec. 9), the election results of the four States should not be construed as being representative of the Lok Sabha polls in 2014. The Modi wave is confined to the Hindi belt. It can’t be expected to work in the southern States, where the regional parties have a strong base. Both the BJP and its prime ministerial candidate are stubborn in their belief in the Hindutva ideology, for which there will be few takers in the southern States. That said, the Congress should address in-fighting between rival groups.

S. Nallasivan, Tirunelveli

Mr. Modi cannot be brushed aside as a non-entity. The BJP’s performance in the four States is also due to his relentless efforts to make people understand what good governance is.

C.N. Ramnath, Chennai

If Mr. Modi cannot get allies, can the Congress retain its partners once Rahul Gandhi is declared the UPA’s prime ministerial candidate? A combination of regional parties, the Left, non-BJP and non-Congress parties getting more seats than others in the Lok Sabha is unlikely. How can the SP and the BSP or the Left and the TMC be on the same side?

Praveen Belapurkar, Bangalore

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