Rahul Gandhi barging into Congress general secretary Ajay Maken’s press conference and denouncing the ordinance seeking to nullify the Supreme Court judgment on convicted legislators have confused people. It appears the UPA government did not hold proper deliberations before clearing the ordinance. At least that was the impression given by Rahul, who called the ordinance “complete nonsense,” that too when Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was out of the country. One wonders whether the Congress vice-president thinks the Cabinet Ministers of his government are so unworthy that they deal with important matters in a “nonsensical” manner.

Major Mathew Oommen (retd.), Pune

The common man has been treated to another drama. A sham ordinance was prepared, cleared and sent to the President for assent. Then the prospective prime ministerial candidate of the Congress came down heavily on it and got the government thinking once again. Yet another game to distract people’s attention from serious failures of governance!

M.P. Ramesh, Bangalore

Many of Rahul’s defenders say he read the writing on the wall and expressed people’s sentiments. It has thus been proved beyond doubt that the rest of the Congress leaders neither see the writing on the wall nor measure people’s sentiments.

Balvinder Singh, Chandigarh

Rahul’s intention might have been noble but the manner in which he expressed his views and the timing are quite interesting. Had any other Congress leader acted thus, the party would have sidelined him forever.

P. Krishna, Chennai

Toddlers complain about their parents to guests. While their gibberish innocent complaint seems cute and evokes laughter, Rahul’s act has only raised eyebrows and landed his party in the soup.

Anubhuti Gupta, Jaipur

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