This refers to the report “Ban on non-iodised salt unconstitutional: Supreme Court” (July 13). The court, while holding that the prohibition imposed by the Centre on non-iodised salt for human consumption is unconstitutional, has however, said the ban will continue for six months. The government move made the salt business a corporate trade, pushing up the price. We need salt, iodised or not, in our food not only for taste but also for self-respect.

C.R. Ananthanarayanan,


As a person who underwent treatment for hyperthyroidism some years ago, I know well that iodised salt was a reason for my condition. It is required only by those who do not eat fish or other iodine-rich foods. The propaganda to promote iodised salt is perhaps a move to help companies dealing with this product-variant.

Mithun E.,


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