Whether the attackers were uniform-clad terrorists or Pakistani soldiers, the ambush was a gross violation of the ceasefire agreement. Time and again Pakistan reinforces its lack of commitment to peace and amity. The government should take decisions in the interest of the nation. Tuesday’s attack is a slap on the nation’s face.

At the same time, such acts should not deter us from holding talks with Pakistan. They provide an opportunity to make our point and send the message that talks can be productive only if Pakistan eliminates terrorism and respects India’s sovereignty.

Arjun R. Shankar,


It is true that whenever an attempt is made to restart the dialogue process, vested interests do everything to stall it. Rather than play to the gallery of terrorists, efforts should be made to usher in peace, stability and development. Re-affirming our faith in the dialogue process with a thrust on making Pakistan implement its promise of not allowing its territory to be used against our country is the need of the hour.

M. Jeyaram,


The Opposition leaders forget that neither the Pakistan establishment nor its people can gain from the death of a few Indian soldiers. The attackers could have been terrorists dressed in military uniforms. But there is no doubt that the aim of the attack was to jeopardise the India-Pakistan peace process. If we really care for our soldiers, we should work towards defeating the evil designs of those who planned and executed the attack. That will be possible only through reconciliation and diplomatic dialogues, not tit-for-tat responses.

T.V. Bipin,


The fact that Mr. Antony made a balanced and detached observation of facts rather than rush to conclusions, at the same time taking a firm stand on Pakistan, is laudable. The Opposition has no ground to stand on. The BJP should refrain from making comments on a mature response at a time of crisis.

D. Harikrishnan,


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