Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s stance that he will look elsewhere if the BJP insists on projecting Narendra Modi as the NDA’s prime ministerial candidate (“Moment of reckoning,” March 19) is not fair to either the alliance or India. Mr. Kumar should trade his support to the NDA with the demand for a high Cabinet post, even Deputy Prime Minister. Mr. Modi as PM and Mr. Kumar as Deputy PM can be a healthy, winning combination for the NDA. The nation will develop under their collective leadership as both of them are experienced, non-corrupt and know how to take the country ahead. Breaking with the BJP will only weaken the JD(U)’s hold over Bihar and benefit the UPA.

Saurav Kumar,


Mr. Kumar has indeed played a masterstroke before the 2014 election by organising a rally in Delhi. His ambition of becoming the king or kingmaker was clearly visible in his “show of strength.”

Anchit Mathur,

New Delhi

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