That the Congress-led UPA government has remained in office for nine long years — without a majority of its own now — is indeed an achievement (“Nine long years,” May 22). It also has to its credit initiatives like employment guarantee, Aadhar, etc.

While UPA-II has been mired in scams, more serious is the lack of governance which has affected the aam aadmi adversely. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who never asserted his authority, is largely to blame for this.



The UPA is unlikely to return to power in 2014, if UPA-II’s four-year scam-ridden rule and surveys are any indication. But human memory is short, and it should not be a surprise if it captures power with a simple, if not comfortable, majority by offering a few sops and freebies during the election year. It is well known that the Congress has been winning elections not because of its achievements but because of a divided, ineffective Opposition.

Kshirasagara Balaji Rao,


Nine long years in office have made the UPA, especially the Congress, arrogant. Whenever charges of corruption were made against the government, it made attempts to brush them aside and cover up at all levels. Action was taken belatedly, when there was no option. It is surprising that the Prime Minister is still considered clean, even while his colleagues have been charged with grave acts of corruption.

The UPA has managed its affairs very poorly, visible in the manner it reacted to the Opposition’s calls for the resignation of P.K. Bansal and Ashwani Kumar. They were asked to leave well after the budget session was disrupted. The long years of UPA (mis)rule have left the people disenchanted.

G. Ramachandran,


Most of the UPA government’s second tenure has been spent on dealing with scams and scandals. Dr. Singh may be a good economist, fine statesman and a man of integrity but he is also the favourite of the corporate world.

C. V. Sukumaran,


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