Governing a country like India, that too in an era of coalition politics, for nine uninterrupted years is no mean achievement. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s survival is due not to good governance but the compulsions of other parties.

On the one side is the BJP, the main Opposition party, which cannot claim the support of even some of the NDA constituents. Then there are the Samajwadi Party and the Bahujan Samaj Party whose support to the UPA government is purely opportunistic. The UPA government is the luckiest.

B. Vijayakumar,


There is nothing much to cherish about the UPA government’s nine long years in office. It is perhaps the most corrupt government. Despite the enormity of evidence on abuse of power by Ministers and their cronies, the Prime Minister did nothing to drop them till pressure from the Opposition and the media mounted.

UPA-II’s only achievement is that it continues to be in power despite its involvement in a spate of scams.

T. Anand Raj,


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