The creation of the Telangana state is now just a formality (Feb.21`). But the path to its formation has proved that prevalent inequalities, injustice or non-fulfilment of expectations, a feeling of neglect, deprivation and discrimination will always destabilise a democratic system, which in turn leads to “regionalism.” At the same time, it is not always correct to consider every attempt to support or defend regional or sub-regional interests as divisive, fissiparous and politicised. The government of India needs to adopt a constructive approach to balance federalism and regionalism. The rest of India needs to help in the development of the region and in ensuring our continued unity and integrity.

Prabhakar Chouti,


Whether used with a negative or positive connotation, the word “historic” can be used to describe the passage of the Telangana Bill. The way forward for the new state as well as the residual State of Andhra Pradesh is beset with obstacles. The people there need to recognise that “for good or for bad, they stand divided today” and must put their best foot forward. This division is the ideal opportunity to rebuild. Legislation has to be brought in place to ensure that the people of Seemandhra are not subject to harassment in Hyderabad.

Nihar Akunuri,


The development of a region is in the hands of the people who reside there rather than in the hands of politicians. It is always the duty of people to hold their elected representatives accountable for development in all fields. It is the people who vote for a leader to rule for a span of five years and later complain, revolt and protest that he or she did not discharge his/her duties. This is how the seeds of discontent are sown. The creation of Telangana must lead to people becoming aware of their constitutional duties and rights.

Pudi Pavan Kumar,


This is not a time for acrimony. The people of both regions should not think that it is their success or failure. Rather, they should strive to work hard to develop their respective regions.

S.R.K. Maruthi Kayala,


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