The election of the Pope, leader of 1.2 billion Roman Catholics, is indeed a global event. The procedure, with chimney, black and white smoke, and ringing of the huge church bells to announce the successful completion of the election are a delight to watch.

Pope Francis, a man well known for his simplicity and humility, has won the race. The media’s portrayal of him as the first Latin American Pope has no relevance as the Christian faith is based on world citizenship. It is good to see that the new Pope promotes the core ideology of ‘humanity’ with no division. It is hoped he will bring all Christian denominations under one umbrella and usher in the much needed gender justice so that one day a woman will be the Pope.

A. Victor Frank,


Can Pope Francis deal with the issues of abortion and contraception? Will priests of the Catholic Church the world over extend their solid support to the new Pope who symbolises the significance of the Latin American continent in world affairs?

Thomas Edmunds,


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