It is doubtful if the six-decades-old Naga problem can be solved by the UPA government anytime soon (“The quest for Naga accord,” Oct. 20). The issue has implications for national security. As it is, the government’s handling of infiltration from across the borders is poor. For a government that is unable to resolve the Telangana issue, it may not be easy to evolve a consensus on amendments to Article 371A.

Karavadi Raghava Rao,


The government needs to adopt a prudent approach while introducing any amendment to Article 371A of the Constitution to concede the demands of NSCN (I-M). Succumbing to pressure and yielding to all the unreasonable demands of the outfit will lead to a near-secession of Nagaland from India. We will also end up creating an unhealthy precedent for more such demands by insurgent groups across India.

Nirmala P. Rao,


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