National Development Council meetings are an annual ritual. No purpose is served in conducting them. Such meetings only offer a platform for Chief Ministers who do not belong to the ruling party at the Centre to speak their mind. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa walked out from the NDC meeting on Thursday because she felt humiliated by the manner in which she was interrupted. It was not just the 10 minutes of time given to her that she was protesting against; it was about the way Chief Ministers from non-Congress ruled States were treated. If people’s representatives cannot be allowed to express their opinions, why have such meetings?

C.K. Subramaniam, Mumbai

It is surprising that leaders resort to walkouts, whether in Parliament or in a meeting. What message do they seek to send? Leaders lack the will to fight it out and want to be heard at all times. Listening is equally important.

Balasubramaniam Pavani, Secunderabad

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