The editorial “Motion and emotion” (March 29) has rightly pointed to the grave consequences the resolution passed by the Tamil Nadu Assembly — calling for a referendum on Eelam and economic sanctions against Sri Lanka — can have. The politicians of the State are bent on scoring brownie points. They have no right to call for the break-up of a sovereign country to right the wrongs committed during a war. Whipping up passion and frenzy is myopic in the least.

Anilkumar Kurup,


Surely, the Tamil Nadu government could not have been unaware of the implications of passing such a resolution, which amounts to an interference in the internal affairs of a country. It was perhaps passed to keep the opposition parties and other Tamil outfits under check. Given the protests, political outbursts, and elaborate media coverage on the Sri Lankan Tamil issue in the last couple of months, nothing short of the resolution would have helped. Even students, farmers and unemployed youth have been dragged into the issue, paralysing their day-to-day activities.

S. Parthasarathy,


For more than a month, students across Tamil Nadu have indulged in road and rail blockades in the name of championing the cause of Sri Lankan Tamils. Vested interests are out to exploit gullible students.

It is surprising to note that the Sri Lankan Tamils living in regions other than the north and east have hardly raised their voice against President Mahinda Rajapaksa. They are closer to the Tamils in northern Sri Lanka and should be more concerned about their plight. I think we are wasting our energy and time in untimely pursuits.

V.K.R .Raghavan,


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