Risking his life, Pervez Musharraf has returned to Pakistan. With unrelenting terror attacks and bloodshed, nobody is safe in Pakistan. Though Gen. Musharraf’s call to save Pakistan will find a resonance among the masses, he has walked into a minefield of political and sectarian violence with the Taliban. He also has cases pending against him. The Kargil mastermind’s political rivals were keen on preventing his return and would be only too happy to see him arrested and tried. With all parties wanting to keep a distance from him, he can be expected to use the widely accepted Pakistani political currency of talking tough on Kashmir and inflaming anti-India sentiments.

Pakistan definitely needs to be saved from anarchy, violence and terror but who can save it is a question that is begging for answers. Gen. Musharraf alone cannot. Perhaps the people of Pakistan together can.

Zulfikhar Akram,


Notwithstanding the fact that Gen. Musharraf spent nearly four years in self-exile to evade arrest, it appears that the never-say-die former President is nursing grandiose dreams of a political comeback. But he is a spent force who might be chasing just a mirage.

Nalini Vijayaraghavan,


There is no doubt that the political party or group that comes to power in the next elections in Pakistan will have to deliver. The pressure to perform on the next government will be tremendous. It is important for the Pakistanis to vote for the right kind of people.

Aditya Jha,


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