This refers to the report that Rajendra Kumar, Inspector-General of Police in Madhya Pradesh, has been transferred for exhorting trainees to emulate the zeal of Ajmal Kasab, the lone surviving Pakistani terrorist captured alive on 26/11. The media, particularly the television news channels, blew the issue out of proportion. Mr. Kumar’s reference to Kasab was repeatedly telecast. He mentioned Sachin Tendulkar too but the media ignored this reference. The Opposition exploited the episode and demanded the officer’s removal. The government succumbed to media pressure. The manner in which the media, the Opposition and the government acted on this rather small issue is illogical. Many times, during religious discourses, Ravana has been held in high esteem. There are films and dramas in which he has been portrayed as a hero. Karna of the Mahabharata is praised even though he was on the side of Duryodhana. Mr. Kumar had no mala fide intention while referring to Kasab.

S.S. Mani,


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