I, an ardent admirer of Pranab Mukherjee, was delighted when he was elected to the highest office (“Pranab as President,” July 23). Mr. Mukherjee richly deserves the honour. He won accolades for his bold measures which lessened India’s dependence on the World Bank in 1984.

Unfortunately, during his stint in UPA-II, he failed to revive the stuttering economy and mitigate the sufferings of the aam aadmi. One hopes that as President, he will show the nation that he is not a mere rubber stamp.

Jayant Mukherjee, Kolkata

Mr. Mukherjee’s sweeping victory reflects his illustrious career. The nation will be safe in his able hands. I am sure he will prove to be a President of foresight and vision.

K.G. Koru Kuttan Nair, Cherupulasseri

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