Governors are ambassadors of the Central government, which is supposed to reflect the popular mandate. Hence, they are in a way expected to act in tune with the political will, stand, position and philosophy of the Centre. What should be done now is that instead of making it difficult for Governors to continue in office, the resignation of all Governors must be made compulsory once there is a change of dispensation at the Centre. The Central government may then retain or replace the incumbents quietly. This will avoid the ignominy of arguments and counter-arguments for and against the convention being followed.

R. Sampath,


The post is part of the colonial legacy. Governors do not govern at all, so why all the noise over Governors being removed? It has been done earlier also. Those in such a post should gracefully accept the Modi government’s directive and put in their papers. After all, Governors who are removed do not suffer the same plight as those displaced by the construction of dams and industrial projects!

M. Ramankutty,

Tripunithura, Kerala

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