The problem of mounting garbage has been ignored in the world of high-rise buildings and six-digit salary run (“Garbage as our alter ego,” Nov. 3). Urbanites have forgotten that they owe something to nature — keeping it safe. People want to keep just their homes clean. How the world outside their home looks does not matter to them.

We need to remember that in order to have a clean and “luxurious” lifestyle, we need to have a sustainable approach to cleanliness: we can’t ignore our surroundings. We may be content with huge, shiny shopping malls, and high-rise residential buildings today but we will not be able to live happily without an earth that is garbage-free.

Manish Chauhan,


We build garbage along with the policies of modernisation. When will the government, which has turned a blind eye to the plight of the poor, thanks to its private profit ventures, open its eyes to the plethora of garbage kept under the shadows of the skyscrapers?

Nitisha Tomar,


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