Producers should have known the risks when they signed Sanjay Dutt — convicted in the Mumbai blasts case for illegal possession of arms — for their films. Sanjay should have also known that he was likely to be sent to prison as his trial was on. Both sides took risks. Is it fair to plead now that Rs 278 crore has been invested in the actor and business will be affected if he goes to jail immediately?

Sanjay Dutt has been given enough privileges already. During the course of the trial, he was allowed to travel abroad and make a fortune. Has any other convicted person been given such extraordinary privileges? The judiciary has been more than fair to the accused in giving him a further four weeks’ time to surrender.

K. Venkataraman,


The powerful Bollywood lobby seems to have had its way. The plea that Sanjay should be given more time to surrender because huge money has been invested in his films is absurd. Didn’t the producers know that he might have to go to jail one day? They should not be permitted to profit through lenience to a convict.

S. Raghothaman,


If a person living below the poverty line sentenced to a prison term pleads that his work will be hindered and that he needs more time to wind up his commitments, will the court relent?

Chirutapudi Subramaniam,


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