Applying only the critical thinking of a layman, it is the advice of Ms Jayati Ghosh and Mr. Arun Maira that resonated with common sense (Op-Ed, “Money wise — Vox Peritus,” Aug. 30). The rest, unfortunately, were technical and borrowed from failed ideas of the past.

India cannot consume its way to greatness, especially on borrowed money. Thus, Ms Ghosh’s advice to reduce unnecessary imports is worth its weight in gold. Mr. Maira’s advice to revive the dormant manufacturing sector to boost value-added, long-term employment also made sense. We did not fall into this economic pit in one day. Climbing out of it rests on how we restore the fundamentals of our currency and the economy.

G. Parameswaran,


The well-written articles were filled with economic jargon. Readers would have been better served if they had information on what ordinary people could do to help stem the rot.

Seshadri N.,



Reduce unnecessary importsAugust 30, 2013

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