Apart from dynasty, what does Rahul Gandhi have to show for occupying the post of Prime Minister (“The monarch and the mask,” Feb. 23)? We have hardly heard him speak on relevant topics; and we have no idea of his vision. All he does is issue diktats to Congress leaders at various levels. Narendra Modi, on the other hand, has proved that he has leadership qualities. True, human development is important but we don’t see much of that in Congress-ruled States either. What has Rahul done about that?

The author has objections to supporters cheering Mr. Modi. What about the Congress sycophants who keep cheering Rahul?

Vishnu Vahan Prasan


Mr. Modi has the experience of running a State government for over a decade whereas Rahul Gandhi has just started his career as a politician. The article cites many drawbacks of Mr. Modi’s governance but has not evaluated Rahul Gandhi’s performance as president of the Youth Congress. I do agree that we need to look at alternatives.

Nikhil Nandan,

New Delhi

Whenever I read an article on “his highness” Rahul Gandhi, I look for something new. People know the working style of Mr. Modi, but when it comes to Rahul, they know nothing. But after reading the article, I am convinced that our intelligentsia doesn’t know much about him either — except that is he is a political heir of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty. His working style, his vision, his plans remain unknown. I request the media to kindly give us some information on all this so that we can make informed opinions in the elections.

D. Abhijeet,

New Delhi

Rahul Gandhi’s silence on corruption in the government and the Congress is worrying. On the other hand, Mr. Modi has proved that his government is not corrupt but one does not know whether he can lead India on its glorious secular path. Both of them have to answer the questions before they face the aam aadmi in 2014.

B. Arvind,



The monarch and the maskFebruary 23, 2013

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