The articles, “Hey moms, we too have a role to play” and “Super moms are everywhere” were thought-provoking. Most of the mothers spend their quality time with their children whether they are working or not, juggling between household chores and office work, sacrificing their personal interests. There are enough gadgets to reduce hard manual work but they don't help women sign off both mentally and physically from their responsibilities.

We have to pack up our age-old perceptions and train our sons, just like daughters, right from childhood, to do household work and teach them to develop concern for others' feelings. Both should be trained in life skills to face future challenges.

Amrutha. R,


We sing paeans for the mother and often overlook the endless struggles and sacrifices made by the father in building a happy home. Compared to mothers, fathers are less expressive. Because of this, mothers are able to influence their kids to a greater extent. Besides, an everlasting positive impression about the mother is inscribed in a child's heart. An implied responsibility rests on the woman's shoulder — to unite the child with his or her father.

P.R. Rajeswari,


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