BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s action of displaying his party symbol after casting his vote is clearly a violation of election laws (“Modi selfie spells trouble,” May 1). It is nothing but a part of a deliberate attempt to orchestrate support for the BJP in the remaining phases of the election. Supporters and party spokespersons of the BJP cannot brush this gesture aside by saying that it was not an organised press conference. Has Mr. Modi forgotten that the “Lotus” is his party’s symbol?

J. Anantha Padmanabhan,


On the face of it, the physical effect of Mr. Modi’s transgression could be less dangerous than one of jumping a red signal. But he has jumped the law, wantonly, knowingly, even with a shade of contempt. Where was the need to do this, for a man who has already decided that he would be the Prime Minister soon. Perhaps this thought itself was the trigger for his act. He was actually thumbing his nose at the Election Commission and challenging it, as it were, to catch him if it can.

Is this the way he is going to run the country, having his way no matter what? He was certainly not behaving like a leader to whom now millions are looking up to — a sad prospect indeed. He should have been immediately barred from campaigning for the remaining phases.

M. Balakrishnan,


Filing a first information report against Mr. Modi is a futile exercise because he is now above the law of the land. Let us not forget that he justified the Gujarat pogrom by saying that “for every action there would be reaction.” The brazen manner in which he went about taking his selfie shows that he will be a very domineering force in governance.

N.M. Mohammed Ali,


It takes several years to build one’s reputation and credibility, especially when one is in public life, which can be erased in a stroke with one wrong move. Mr. Modi appears to be facing such a situation now. Electoral laws make it clear what does or does not amount to a poll violation. Even the most committed admirer of Mr. Modi will now find it difficult to defend him in this case.

N.S. Venkataraman,


The media and those who are incensed by Mr. Modi’s act are overreacting. Let me pose this question. If the Congress president waves her hand before, during voting or after she exercises her franchise, will she be disqualified? It is high time the archaic election rules are reviewed and updated in this modern electronic era.

V. Krishnan,

San Diego, California

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