The BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s self-expression on the 2002 riots is nothing but a hollow, verbal exercise devoid of truthful repentance (Dec.30). His claim of “being shaken to the core” during the time of violence is contrary to his remark of an almost “for every action will have equal and opposite reaction” justification. Just months ago we had him coming up with a “puppy-like” metaphor. He is now trying to deceptively create a secular image for himself in order to garner support from small secular parties. It is notable that he doesn’t have sufficient words in his blogpost to condemn the perpetrators of the pogrom.

Thasleena T.P.,


It has taken almost 12 long years for Mr. Modi to make a “comment.” Even now, it is not clear whether he was “shaken” and “pained” at the loss of life and property in the riots or the “fiery incident” that triggered the riots. His “belated” regret for his role of a “spectator” smacks of political opportunism.

M. Somasekhar Prasad,


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