The Congress has overplayed the Gujarat riot card for many years, although it has its own baggage to carry. Its leaders like Digvijay Singh have also made sly remarks about leaders of other parties. Although harsh, the point raised by Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Sonia Gandhi’s travel expenses (editorial, Oct. 5) is not irrelevant. The government is accountable for the money spent on Ms Gandhi, including the expenses incurred on special aircraft during her foreign travels, SPG protection, accompanying officials, their accommodation, etc., which surely run into crores.

P. Madhu Kumar, Coimbatore

Ms Gandhi is another leader of a corrupt party and is not exempt from criticism by leaders of other political parties.

S. Velayutham, Avanam

The editorial is unbiased. While clearly condemning Mr. Modi’s vituperative attacks on Ms Gandhi as part of his strategy to project himself on the national political stage, it has also conveyed the message that the high degree of secrecy on Ms Gandhi’s medical condition is uncalled for.

V.K. Sridhar, Erode

As the editorial rightly points out, Mr. Modi is prepared to plumb the moral depths in his pursuit of power. One fails to understand how he can come to conclusions without checking the facts. It looks like Mr. Modi is afraid of Ms Gandhi or has lost faith in himself. It is hoped that he will be more civilised and humane in dealing with his political opponents. That said, since Ms Gandhi is a public figure, people expect to know her medical condition.

J.P. Reddy, Nalgonda

I was once a great admirer of Mr. Modi and believed that some day he would occupy the Prime Minister’s chair if only he could control his temptation to make intemperate remarks while speaking against his adversaries. His comments on Ms Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi at public meetings are in poor taste.

Such comments do not speak well of a leader who hopes to be the next Prime Minister. Just as Ms Gandhi’s “merchant of death” remark backfired, Mr. Modi’s remarks could go against the BJP in the coming election.

K.V. Rajan, Chennai

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