Modi-baiting has become the favourite pastime of the media (“The Modi index,” Sept. 1). Mr. Modi said in his interview to the Wall Street Journal that his government would bring about a drastic change in dealing with malnutrition in Gujarat. The media has conveniently ignored the other aspects covered in the interview, particularly Mr. Modi’s remarks on improving the education of girl children, sustaining Gujarat’s fast economic growth, etc. One can condemn him for his inaction during the 2002 riots but one should appreciate him for his administration and the all-round improvement of the State.

V. Krishnan,

San Diego

It is quite embarrassing to hear a Prime Minister aspirant say that the high levels of nutrition in his State are due to the beauty consciousness of the middle class. A malnourished infant certainly can’t be beauty conscious. His other argument that most Gujaratis are vegetarians gives the impression that vegetables don’t provide enough nourishment. One cannot have industrial growth at the cost of social progress.

Mohd Saquib Khan,


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