This refers to the article, “Rhetoric, not foreign policy” (March 19). The BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s approach to Indian foreign policy appears to be simplistic, with the chai-in-Russia example revealing a lack of depth in strategic thinking. His advocating for individual States establishing special relationships with foreign countries underscores a deficiency in diplomacy. India has to maintain good relations with all neighbouring countries, despite inherent bottom line differences and undercurrents. Development is one thing, but diplomacy and flawless foreign policy are not everybody’s cup of tea.

M.Y. Shariff, Chennai

The article was disappointing, revealing limited knowledge about Mr. Modi. More than 27 countries have direct trade links with Gujarat. Living in Gujarat is like living abroad; every basic necessity is looked after. If he becomes the Prime Minister, I can look forward to a vibrant India.

Vinay Gupta, Jaipur

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