The endorsement for the post of Prime Minister a person alleged to have turned a blind eye to the Gujarat riots (“Narendra Modi fit to become Prime Minister, says Sushma,” Dec. 2) shows the BJP’s ethical standards. It is dangerous to project Mr. Modi as Prime Minister. India certainly does not want a high-handed leader who cannot guarantee the safety of minorities.

The hard work we, the people, have done over years to build our democratic and secular ideals will go in vain. We don’t want tall edifices, bridges and roads as much as we want freedom, justice and peace.

Goutham Umesh,


Mr. Modi is one of the best Chief Ministers and has helped Gujarat grow. His administrative ability and political maturity are good enough for him to lead the country. His detractors often refer to the 2002 riots. No court has held Mr. Modi guilty. The SIT closed the case against him for lack of proof.

Does the Congress hold Rajiv Gandhi responsible for the 1984 riots? Its prime ministerial probable, Rahul Gandhi, is no comparison to Mr. Modi in political acumen, oratorical skill or administrative capacity.

A. Srikantaiah,


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