Incursions by China on the Sino-Indian border, similar to what we are witnessing now, will be a constant feature till such time as the two countries settle their boundary by an agreement. Before Russia and China settled their borders, clashes were frequent. But now China has to adhere to what it has signed.

India does not have to bend the knee but it must create public opinion on the reality that our northern borders were created by Britain. A pragmatic decision can be taken to recognise the Chinese position in Aksai Chin. In return, China should be asked to recognise Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim as Indian territory with minor adjustments. Border talks will not work until suitable support for a settlement is created.

S. Nityananda,


The replication of 1962 will spell doom for Asia. War and aggression are not an option. Efforts must be made by both sides to settle the issue once and for all through persistent diplomatic efforts.

Sundar Patnaik,


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