To begin with, all was well for Narendra Modi (“Mission Modi,” May 23). Everyone in the BJP showered encomiums upon encomiums on him and instantly indicated that he could be the party’s prime ministerial candidate in the coming elections. But with its principal allies and a few of its own party cadres opposing Mr. Modi, the bigwigs have become jittery and are mulling over an alternative.

S. Arshad Ali,


There is no doubt that Narendra Modi has earned the reputation of an achiever and a man with clean hands. But he has put the BJP in a catch-22 situation. If the party announces his name as its prime ministerial candidate in the 2014 election, it is quite possible that its allies like the JD (U), the Shiv Sena and some others may part company. If the BJP fights the election without naming Mr. Modi as its prime ministerial candidate and the NDA gets a majority, the allies will threaten to withdraw support if the Gujarat Chief Minister is named the leader. If Karnataka is any indication, it is quite possible that the BJP will give the Congress the numbers on a platter, due to infighting and the Modi factor. The BJP has the knack of converting every winning situation into a defeat.

N. Mohan,


The present trend indicates that Mr. Modi’s rise is unstoppable. No other leader seems to be a match. His strong administration in Gujarat, his unwavering support to the middle class, patch-up with the minorities, success on the energy front, and his growing American audience are some of the points in his favour. The lack of secular credentials may prove to be an obstacle in his pursuit.

G. Azeemoddin,


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