This refers to the article “We have to save the nation’s wealth from the mining mafia” (Dec. 1). Mr. Chandrababu Naidu’s (and Mr. Deve Gowda’s) sudden interest to act against illegal mining is strange. Has the loot of the natural minerals of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka begun only now? It is well known that the business of illegal mining has been going on irrespective of the party in power in the two States. Had the illegal miners funded and supported these parties, would they have raised the issue?

N. Sadhasiva Reddy,


The interview has exposed the loopholes in the mining industry. It is the duty of the State and Central governments to look in to the matter urgently. Also, the law enforcement system needs to be toned up to prevent the flow of illegal wealth into the coffers of the corrupt.

Kamal Sani,


It may be true that the Reddy brothers have been violating the law relating to mining, forest, tax, etc. But what action did those in power earlier take against illegal mining and encroachment of forest area? Were proper surveys of the areas concerned done and, if there were violations, were the leasing agreements cancelled in the interest of nation?

Ramya Ravindran,


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