Hats off to the BCCI for not being swayed away by media trial. Most television channels were for the ouster of the president, assisted by their toe-the-line panellists. The allegations of betting are not against Mr. Srinivasan but his son-in-law. Had Mr. Srinivasan stepped down, wouldn’t the media have claimed that it was tacit admission of guilt? Instead of asking him to resign, the media should have focussed on getting the franchise of Chennai Super Kings revoked.

Mavoor Thotam,


Everyone is to be blamed for the current mess, including the media. When everything was going good, the media portrayed IPL as a new form of entertainment. Suddenly, it says all is bad with the IPL. It was clear right from the first year that IPL was not about cricket.

It is all about money and business. Some may have found it entertaining but that is not a valid reason for it to be justified in the current format. The best solution is to ban IPL for at least 10 years.

N. Jayaprasad,


During the last couple of weeks or so, Mr. Srinivasan’s name has occupied the front page of all Indian newspapers.

The publicity he has received in the media — print and electronic — will perhaps exceed that accorded to any Indian legend, past or present, and Bollywood superstars.

Vineet Phadtare,


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