I write this in response to the letter of Major Atul Dev (Jan. 4), who has criticised the media’s role in handling Rathore’s case. At a time when criminals who seek to subvert justice using money, political power, administrative clout, etc., the truth becomes a casualty. The media’s role is vital in securing the public interest.

Arulur N. Balasubramanian,


The inordinate delay of 19 years in securing a verdict shows how powerful the accused is and his connections are.

Hats off to the media, especially the visual media, which through a sustained campaign brought to light the injustice done to the girl and her family!

A. Thirugnanasambantham,


Although the media do overreact or sensationalise news at times, in Rathore’s case they helped to create awareness which helped the girl’s family and friends to fight for justice.

T.R. Anandan,


Rathore has been made to face the consequences of his misdeeds of the past. One hopes the same happens in other cases involving VIPs. The media and civil society should ensure that the high and mighty do not get away with their crimes.

V.S. Ganeshan,


It is comforting to be told that the law will take its course. But in practice, the course of law is snail-paced and bends according to the whims of the influential. I am sure besides Rathore, there are other rich and powerful criminals roaming free. I hope the media will look at them too, instead of letting law take its ponderous course.

R. Narasimhan,


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