The article “The media and the farm sector” (Nov. 11) analysed well how the media lag behind in projecting an important livelihood issue. The main problem confronting agriculture is the lack of qualified journalists who specialise in the field. AIR and Doordarshan did a much better job in spreading awareness on farm-related issues than the corporate media houses do today. It is the attitude towards agriculture vis-À-vis entertainment that needs to change.

V. Rajagopal,


With the advent of 24x7 television news channels, the role of the media has undergone a tremendous change. Instead of being responsible news-providers, they sensationalise news to make it spicy. This kills genuineness and credibility. Loads of unnecessary news are telecast round the clock. There is also a rat race among different television news channels, which brings tremendous pressure on journalists to deliver. Mediapersons should be aware of their responsibility and inform and educate the common man.

Sonu Thakur,


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