It is a matter of grave concern that the winter session has ended without Parliament transacting any useful business, since it began on November 9. Constructive discussions and debates on issues of paramount national importance seem to have become a thing of past. Surely, a dysfunctional Parliament does not augur well for a mature democracy.

With both the Opposition and the UPA government sticking to their positions on the issue of constituting a Joint Parliamentary Committee to probe the 2G spectrum scam, the prospects of a smooth budget session too appear dim.

Shanila Jeyaram,


Parliament has been adjourned sine die virtually without its transacting any business for 22 days. The Congress-led UPA government succeeded in evading the major issue. The party would do well to remember that it is not only the Opposition, which wants a JPC probe into the 2G scandal, but also the public who are disillusioned with it what with scams cropping up everyday. If the Congress thinks it can dodge a major issue by showing the BJP in a poor light, it is doing a great disservice to the nation. The common man is least interested in politicking and wants the rule of law to prevail. He would like his voice heard in Parliament, not the political din that echoes everyday.

Rettavayal S. Krishnasamy,


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