The issues raised by Gurudas Das Gupta are a matter for serious concern (“Trying times for parliamentary system,” Oct. 24). As voters, we elect representatives more on party lines than on the basis of individual ability and character. Once elected, they become puppets in the hands of their parties. They are not answerable to the electorate. The presence of too many parties has played havoc with our parliamentary system.

A. Subbalakshmi,


In the name of the “larger good” and to get short-term electoral gains, the executive cannot behave in an I-can-and-so-I-will manner. It is a pity that there is no bipartisan attitude among MPs and they are unable to question the decisions of the government.

Kesav Sundar Patnaik,


This is indeed the time for our representatives to do something to restore people’s faith in the system. Mr. Das Gupta should ensure that his party does not give ticket to anyone with a criminal background to contest the 2014 election and extends support for creation of a strong Lokpal.

Arun Kant,

New Delhi


Trying times for parliamentary systemOctober 24, 2013

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