The incursion by Chinese troops in Ladakh is indeed a matter of serious concern. It also shows how ‘alert’ India is on its international borders. China, for certain, does nothing without planning. This issue may become a hot potato for the government as the Opposition has already started making noise over the attempt by China to push into Indian territory. While it may not be the time to act aggressively, India must do some strategic planning. The Chinese troops may move back once they understand or get a clue about our strategic planning. Pro-active diplomacy should be explored.

Ravia Gupta,


While the article “Pass to better relations with China” (April 29) reads well, I doubt if the worthy ideas suggested in it can be realised. How can trade flourish between countries with unsettled borders? The Chinese are claiming their territory on historical grounds, and doing so vehemently. They are at odds with most of the nations around them. They have a different perspective of international boundaries. They pitch tents in disputed territory. Instead of enhancing trade relations with them, let us settle the border dispute with them at the earliest or be prepared to face the worst.

P.S. Sharath,


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