Why has Sarabjit been declared a martyr? Actually, who was Sarabjit; did he have any connection with the Indian intelligence agencies? Most Indians will not support terrorism and espionage as a means to win over Pakistan. A terrorist is a terrorist everywhere, whatever his nationality. If he was innocent, why did successive governments remain indifferent to his plight for 20 years? With elections round the corner, all political parties are battling to score as much points as possible. All social networking and media sites are flooded with hate comments from both sides.

Do we not have the right to know why Sarabjit was allowed to be murdered? What courage, valour or patriotism did he show to be declared a national martyr?

Sreenath Mohan,


Condemning Sarabjit’s brutal killing and exhorting Pakistan to punish the perpetrators are all right, but the Prime Minister’s description of him as ‘a brave son of India’ is exaggerated. The media, the Centre and the Punjab government are joining the chorus in projecting Sarabjit as a martyr. That exposes our double standards — a person who kills in India is a terrorist and one who kills in Pakistan is a martyr.

Tajamul Islam,


The injustice the Sikh community suffered in 1984 is far graver compared to Sarabjit’s case. Just because there is no Pakistan to blame for the shameful happenings of 1984 and innocent people fell victim to their own compatriots, do their lives have a lesser value?

Abhinandan Kalia,


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