The interview on the Mars Orbiter mission (Nov. 21) was interesting, and an effective way of silencing critics of our space programme. To explore new frontiers is always welcome. It would be appropriate to quote this. During the launch process, the BBC interviewed some of our scientists regarding the importance of this mission while citing India’s poor showing on various fronts. Before closing the programme, the BBC reporter, Alan Kasujja, read out a mail he had just received from a NASA official that went something like this: “In NASA, for each single dollar spent, we get back $8 as spin-offs. You go ahead, India!”

S. Raju,


Dr. Radhakrishnan’s answers were informative and made one marvel at the determination and complexity involved in pulling off a successful mission, especially one that involves travel to a planet many hundreds of kilometres away.

Unnikrishnan Mangalasseri,


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