Recently there have been a number of articles on the Open Page where women in the marriageable age bracket have seemed to be seeking to justify their decision to delay or forgo marriage. (“That curious query, why aren’t you married?” (June 8), “The mid-20s crisis that really isn’t one” (May 11) and “28, Female and Unmarried” (April 13). This is the side-effect of today’s women being career-oriented and having a greater say on their own lives, both undoubtedly desirable trends. However, the youth must also listen to what their elders have to say. I may not want to tell them that marrying and giving birth late can lead to multiple complications, but I will recommend that those inclined to do so read “An open letter to a daughter,” (Open Page, Sept. 29, 2013). For, the decision taken must be an informed one.

Pranav Shekhar,

New Delhi

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