Divorce is not a happy option for couples. In order to have a happy marriage, one needs to prepare in advance, know what a marriage means; and spend quality time with the spouse. If one does not have time for the family, it is better not to marry. Divorce should never be considered an option by anyone who considers marriage a serious affair. Above all, have faith in the supernatural.

George Irimpan,


A marriage is a union of two families, not just two individuals. In the past, people lived simple lives. They had many children and believed that one of them would take care of them. But successive generations limited the number of children. Parents stick to them, robbing them of their privacy and independence. The present generation has a lot of problems. The cost of living has gone up. Housing, health care and education are expensive. The young also have to take care of their parents who create problems because they are insecure. They drive their sons/daughters to divorce. I have seen many young men and women opting for divorce to support their dependent parents. If marriages are to work, parents should be made to realise their mistakes.

T.N. Kannan,


There are a thousand reasons for a marriage to break. But there is one more reason for a compromise. Marriages survive on account of moral fear. We fear the elders, relatives, friends, neighbours and society as a whole. All said, if a couple cannot get along, it is better to part ways instead of suffering in silence. Stress leads to complications. The result is irretrievable breakdown of marriage. Until a few years ago, it was impossible for a divorced woman to remarry. Not any more.

K.C. Kalkura,


A conflict-free and friction-free marriage is indeed utopian. Actor Clint Eastwood once said: “They say marriages are made in heaven. But so is thunder and lightning.” Instead of seeking retribution through courts, couples should seek conciliation within closed doors.

R. Sridharan,


While the present day daughter-in-law is far more accomplished and independent, the expectations from her remain the same. She is expected to be a caretaker for her parents-in-law, maintain the home and produce children.

Revathi Sankar,


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