Engrossed in our lives, we forget to think about those who have been suffering for years. The article “Washing off this stain will need more” (Oct. 3) was an eye-opener. The least the government can do is pass the Bill abolishing manual scavenging and implement the law strictly for the sake of those who have done the thankless job for ages. The government belongs to all of us. It is its duty to make laws which safeguard the interests of all sections.

Anuraag Kautish, New Delhi

Manual scavenging continues despite the existence of laws banning it and multiple government schemes aimed at eliminating the practice and rehabilitating the workers. It is evident that those engaged in manual scavenging do it neither by choice nor for the sake of livelihood. They are forced to do so due to pressure.

K. Suresh Babu, Tiruchi

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