This refers to the article “Insurgencies in Manipur: politics and ideology” (Jan. 28). I am a proud Indian and a proud Manipuri. Yes, there are a few hundreds in my State who oppose New Delhi for their selfish ends. They do not represent the people of Manipur. Generally, people of the State are opposed to the Armed Forces Special Powers Act because it gives the security forces unbridled powers to act against anyone. Many innocent civilians have fallen victim to this Act. Let’s forget the root causes of armed struggles in Manipur. Let us try and resolve the issue and look for a brighter future. The State government and New Delhi should extend a healing touch to the people of Manipur. As a first step, AFSPA can be withdrawn.

Angom Amarjit Singh,


Many thanks to M.S. Prabhakara for providing a historical insight into the Manipur unrest. As one who belongs to the younger generation, I have not had the opportunity to objectively analyse the internal strife in the northeast. I request The Hindu to publish more such articles on the Seven Sister States and Sikkim. Unfortunately, the historical details are not covered in my school syllabi. I wonder whether the future generations of Indians will ever have access to such rich historical accounts.

Mahesh Raj,


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