This refers to the article “Insurgencies in Manipur: politics and ideology” (Jan. 28). New Delhi is as much responsible as the insurgents are for the violence in Manipur. There was virtually no armed movement in the State till the 1960s. The Manipuris took up arms only after their democratic and peaceful means were continuously ignored by the Centre.

After more than 40 years of militancy, Manipur is in a state of collective despair. Notwithstanding the complex situation, New Delhi will do well to withdraw the AFSPA. A military approach cannot solve a problem that is overwhelmingly political and ideological. The imposition of AFSPA has only aggravated the situation as large numbers of armed groups have sprung up since it became operational in the State. While the issue is indeed complex involving a plethora of conflicting interests, the main cause of unrest is the manner in which Manipur became part of the Indian Union.

Netrajit Nepram,

New Delhi

The article is highly comprehensive and enlightens us on the various issues that have led to insurgencies in Manipur. It effectively drives home the fact that an invisible gap has existed between the people of the State and New Delhi, keeping a few Indians distanced from India.

Siddharth Sharma,

New Delhi

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